“Nothing beats the power of the written word, except the strength of a passionate voice and a good listener” - Kendra Calhoun

    Kendra, a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, creates music for the soul. She is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to creating music that every single fan can relate to. As a writer, she hopes to touch people with her lyric driven ballads and the unique personal stories her songs share. With her influences being the legendary Amy Winehouse, Alicia Keys, Sia, and Adele, it is only fair to say that Kendra strives to be an artist that fills a room with her powerful voice along with the emotion and passion her songs share. Kendra uses her own personal hardships and experiences to create songs that can make audiences realize the magnitude of their own feelings.  Her genuine and raw talent is not only effortless but unique as she transports the audience into her world.

    Kendra comes from a small town in Northern California where she started her career with nothing but the desire to do what she loves and never stop doing it: making music. Passion and the support of her family have taken her a long way and given her the opportunity to study music at one of the most renowned programs in the world, at the University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music. With her family by her side every step of the way, it is their love and support that that has given her the opportunity and confidence to pursue her true calling- music. Just as her uncle got down on one knee at Kendra’s first recital  and told her that she had a gift to share with the world, Kendra wants to kneel in front of her fans and give them everything she has to offer as an artist.

As an artist and a person, Kendra experiences life at full volume and and feels everything intensely. This has led her to find her path in songwriting. She believes that words have the most weight in this world and it is her duty as an artist to use what has influenced her life the most and mentor her fans through similar circumstances. With that said, writing songs and exposing her emotions is a way of release for Kendra, leading her live performances to be even more raw and unique as she opens herself up and leaves her heart on stage.

    Another aspect of Kendra’s artistry is her dedication to use music to raise awareness and promote change. Kendra constantly preaches her faithfulness to her fans in the hopes that her music can help them through the movements of life and its many struggles. Since Kendra was a young girl, she has been contributing to local charities and using music to make a positive impact on others. She wrote a song called Rise Up that resulted in a local elementary school in Belize acquiring enough money to finish building the school. She also visits and plays music for kids in local hospitals as a member of Love Your Melon, an organization that raises awareness and sponsors children with pediatric cancer

    As an artist, Kendra is a versatile singer-songwriter. She has worked tirelessly to enable herself to create music in different genres such as jazz, pop, country, and even working on songs that fall within the electronic dance music genre. Some of her biggest achievements include releasing her first single, “Never Stop”, that Kendra describes as “a crazy yet incredible ride.” With only beginning to perform live less than a year ago, Kendra has already played ten of the most famous venues in Los Angeles, such as The Mint. Furthermore, Kendra has also performed for the renowned Sofar Sounds and BMI showcases. Performing for Sofar Sounds created Kendra’s first video to capture her recently released song, “Beautifully Broken.” On the other hand, the BMI showcase illuminated Kendra’s talents as a songwriter alongside some of the most recognized musicians in the industry.

    In recent months, Kendra has dedicated her time to working on future music  projects that stay true to her brand and relate to her audience. She has established herself as a figurehead and mentor to her fans in regards to creating a movement that falls within the confines of honesty and self-respect. She has done this by taking an alternative route in gathering audiences and loyal fans. Kendra has always praised herself as a person who can properly articulate herself through her words and lyrics, so she decided to create an online blog that is attached to all of her social media platforms and let her fans ride the wave of creating her upcoming songs. By constantly posting the occurrences in Kendra’s life, she has found a way to establish a stronger bond with her fans by simply telling a story of the strongest influences in her every day. This idealism falls within the realm of what Kendra stands for as an artist: Family, Music, and Community.

    As a result, Kendra has experienced her career as an artist take off, she has come an incredibly long way since her first show where she plugged in all the amps into the same power outlet and blew the electricity in the entire building. She has blossomed into a multifaceted artist both on stage and behind the scenes while staying honest to her true self and love for music. Her goal is to inspire all of the young and vibrant girls and boys around her and create an open space where her fans can relate to her on a spiritual and intellectual level about taking certain steps in the right direction in life.

There are several exciting projects on the horizon for Kendra including the release of  her upcoming track “Pieces of Myself” which is the first single in her 5-track EP. The EP is scheduled for release in early September.